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Episode Guide (and Download)

Currently we have only episodes from season 1 of Nanami-chan which is comprised of 12 fantastic episodes.

Episode downloads are encoded in Xvid and are around 30MB each. Thanks goes to Froth-Bite for their hard work subtitling the episodes.

Episode 1 ScreenshotEpisode 1 - A Mysterious Acorn
Michi moves into a tree house, Happiness House, with her parents. There she meets Nanami-chan and they become instant friends.
Episode 2 ScreenshotEpisode 2 - Secret of the Happiness House
The owners of the shop at the bottom of the tree have lived there all their lives. Michi hears a tale from them regarding the history of Happiness House.
Episode 3 ScreenshotEpisode 3 - Runaway Nanami
Michi gets mad at Nanami for destroying one of her toys and yells at him! Come dinner time Nanami is nowhere to be seen...
Episode 4 ScreenshotEpisode 4 - Hello, Eiffel
Michi goes to school to learn English, while Nanami stays in the next room with a troublemaking French dog.
Episode 5 ScreenshotEpisode 5 - The Pool Queen
The sports instructor wants a place to swim, but the bath tub and pond are too small. Michi's dad to the rescue!
Episode 6 ScreenshotEpisode 6 - Mom's Cactus
Mom is a little stressed today. Her cactus won't bloom and there's something else on her mind... Fortunately there's a flower specialist in the building!
Episode 7 ScreenshotEpisode 7 - Shoot!
Michi awakes to a loud noise and hurries outside to check it out. A troubled, troublesome boy is causing damage with his football!
Episode 8 ScreenshotEpisode 8 - Rainy Day
It's a rainy day. But that's no excuse not to go out and make new friends!
Episode 9 ScreenshotEpisode 9 - The Alien Next Door
Aliens exist! And if you are flashed by the light emitted by the alien, you will become an alien too!
Episode 10 ScreenshotEpisode 10 - Sunset Music Festival
Michi is busy practising recorder playing and has no time for Nanami. As Nanami wanders he bumps into a local guitarist...
Episode 11 ScreenshotEpisode 11 - Mysterious Vacant Room
House 402 is supposed to be vacant, but there appears to be a strange presence there. Strange things happen as Nanami enters the building during a game of hide and seek.
Episode 12 ScreenshotEpisode 12 - Michi's Birthday
It's Michi's birthday but Mom and Dad appear to have forgotten! An upset Michi with Nanami at her side leaves the house and begins walking...